Getting hurt from time to time is the hardest thing to deal on in life. It is kind of painful to have someone but just make your heart sad at all. I thought I would be happy to have someone that means so much to me but I was wrong. I am fooled to stay with someone that doesn’t bring good things to me. I just want to be happy again and feel about myself. Sometimes relationship sucks and makes me feel like a non-sense woman. For so many years I’ve been captivated by someone I thought I love and love me too According to Berkshire escorts of it was the biggest mistake I did going life with him. I betrayed my family and abandoned them. I walk life with my ex-boyfriend and just after a couple of months staying together he started to change. His true colours showed to me and I was in deep shock because I never though he can be mean. I don’t know what to do anymore that moment. She started to hurt me and it was painful seeing myself having bruises because of him. I didn’t expect him to do that on me. I was crying the whole time. but it does not stop there, his attitude becomes more worst as we experience poverty. He becomes mean to me even more. I dint know what to do in my life but I know that it’s time for me to escape from him. I did escape from him and sorry to my parents. I give myself a second chance and look for a job. I work as a Berkshire escort and started to feel good about myself. It’s really a great help for me being a Berkshire escort because I got no time to think about my past. it just makes me cry every time I think of it. Being a Berkshire escort also helps me to find the right person in my life. This man is a total different from my past. he is handsome, smell good and has a decent job. I love how he treated me like I never feel before. it was awesome to have someone that loves you for real and care for you. I won’t be this happy if not because of Berkshire escort. This man continues to make me feel good and do everything to make me a better person. Because of this person I have many reasons to live again. This man helps to see the beauty of the world. There is no one else who can love me that way at all. I want her to be with me and love me for real. I don’t know what life could bring to me if I didn’t choose to cut the connection with my ex-boyfriend. I will not stop myself loving this life that I have now with the man that makes my heart happy. I will always spend time with her the whole time.

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