Free Advice From Companions

Finding good quality sexy advice online is never easy. The question is who do you trust? Lots of people are into putting up their own relationship advice sites. Relationship advice is some of the most common content online. It is easy to see why. You can basically write anything and say that it is based on your own personal experience. How do you separate fact from fiction? Well, if you use the internet a lot, you are probably full aware that separating fact from fiction is becoming increasingly tough to do.

So, who should you trust? If you are looking for free sexy advice, you should turn to London escorts. Girls who work for leading London escorts agencies have plenty of experience when it comes to offering sexual advice and guidance. If London escorts recommend a sex party to you or a Swingers club in London, you can pretty much rely on the fact that they have been there. After all, both are pretty much London escorts territory. They are the kind of places that you could expect to find London escorts hanging out.

What other kind of sexy advice and sexy info do London escorts write about online? London escorts love us all to push our sexual boundaries and have fun with our partners. Exploring your sex life can really change your life and make it more exciting. London escorts like to touch on many topics but one of their favorite topics is probably bisexuality. Many girls who work for London escorts are proud to call themselves bisexual. They know that it is hard to come out to others and like to share their advice.

You will also find that most London escorts are happy to write about topics such as how to stay safe during an orgy or how to enjoy your first DP. Not all porn and relationship writers are happy to touch on these topics. The majority of people who write about relationships tend to stay away from these kind of topics worry about getting the information right. In other words, they don’t have any practical experience of what they are talking about.

When you read relationship advice or free sex info online, it is essential that you evaluate what you are reading. Does it sound genuine or has someone just made it up to sell advertising space or just another sex toy? That is what you should bear in mind. If the site is not showing tons of advertising and is not selling something, it is much more likely that the advice is genuine. Keep that in mind the next time you come across free sexy advice. Has that article actually been written by a girl who works for a London escorts agency? If you are not sure, you should not act on the advice. Instead search for London escorts and try to find some genuine free sex advice from the hottest girls in London.

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How To Get Free Stuff Online.

Do you ever wonder what London escorts do when they are not escorting you around London? Needless to say, all London escorts like myself have different hobbies. Keeping fit is an essential part of the job, but when I am done keeping fit, I love to get free stuff online. If you have time to spend checking out free stuff online, you can pick up some really nice stuff. I have even got free sexy gear online. If you have the right background, you can even become a product tester for sex toys. That is one of the things that I am into online.

Free Sex Toys Online

After I had got my first couple of free sex toys online, I started to contact sex toy manufacturers right across the world. I was honest with them and explained that I worked for a London escorts agency. Sex toys are an essential part of London escorts’ ammo as it were and we are good at testing sex toys. We make sure that they get plenty of use and that they are up to you the job. If you would personally like to test sex toys, you should check out sites such as This is one of the best sites when it comes to free sex toys.

Can I Get Free Sexy Lingerie Online?

That depends on many factors. When you work as an adult model, you are much more likely to find free sexy lingerie online. A couple of my London escorts do work as an adult model in their spare time, and they have managed to get free sexy lingerie. Of course, the companies expect you to model their lingerie for them. Be aware the companies may not want to be associated with London escorts. If you work for a charlotte action escorts when you are not adult modelling, it is a good idea not to say anything. The way to get free sexy lingerie is by contacting companies offering your services.

What About Free Lube?

Yes, you can get free lube and other peripherals that you may need when you work for a London escorts agency. I have tried different sites, but I still think that carasutra is the best one to go to. There are also manufacturers who would like to advertise their stuff. If you have your own website selling sex or sex advice site, you may be able to pick up some adverts. As part of the deal, lube and lotions manufacturers are often happy to send you free sample. For instance, you can put together videos to show how to use lube correctly.

Have I Saved Money?

Not only have I saved money, but I have also discovered some really exciting sex toys that I would not have normally tried. I think testing sex toys is an excellent add-on service for London escorts. When you come across a sex toy that you really like, you can always recommend it to other London escorts or promote online. It is a great way of getting into affiliate marketing and having some fun at the same time. If you don’t fancy free sex toys, there are many other fun and sexy things that you can get for free and test online.


Trips You Should Choose in Order to Make an Escort Happy

Traveling with an escort can be fun. Let’s say if you are having a business trip to a beautiful country then having the company with an escort will add color to the trip. Having the company of an escort with you in this kind of travel will make it interesting and memorable.

Here are some of the trips that will make an escort happy.

-Business travel. Escorts love to accompany their clients on business trips. This is because they enable you to live the life of a businessman during the day and then turn you into a passionate and sexual animal during the night. The good thing about these business trips is that they make the escort feel important. Even business partners respect you more if you show up with a beautiful model by your side. Escorts love business trips as they enjoy working and getting pleased altogether. Even clients will confess that a trip is most productive when they have an escort by their side.

-Crazy party travel.

Escorts love crazy party travels. This is because it normally has many friends and many escorts as well. This means that everyone feels comfortable and happy in the party. This kind of travel is filled with entertainment and both the client and the escort enjoy a great time together. These trips make the escort feel valued and she will be loyal to you throughout the session. Escorts actually have the ability to turn a vacation into an endless party all through.

-Just a sex vacation.

Escorts love adult sex vacation. These days these kinds of vacations are common and many escorts prefer it greatly. Escorts will help clients enjoy the best of these trips and will also have a lot of fun by themselves. Escorts are experienced with different sex games which will turn the whole trip to be amazing and great.

-A swing vacation.

If you really want to make an escort feel happy, then plan a swing vacation with her as your company. This is especially if you have a girlfriend who is loyal and will not mind a third lady to make a perfect threesome. She will be very pleased and will spice things up for you and your partner. She will bring amazing sex games which all of you will enjoy. An escort will be really pleased if you go on a swing vacation with her.

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